10 KPOP Idols Born in 1995 Who Will Enlist in the Army in 2023

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10 K-Pop Idols Born in 1995 to Enlist in 2023 Enlistment

is part of every Korean man's career, and with a few exceptions, qualifying K-Pop idols also take time to complete. Under South Korean law, all able-bodied males are required to complete at least 18 months of military service between the ages of 18 and 28, a period of understandable dread for many K-POP fans. Male idols born in 1995 who have not completed military service in 2023 will be enlisted if there are no exceptions. Here are 10 such idols we might see starting enlisting next year!

1. Bobby (iKON)



Bobby (iKON)
Bobby was born on December 21, 1995. We're sure the fans will miss him during this time, as well as his wife and newborn son!

2. Song (iKON)



Song (iKON)
Song was born on February 8, 1995. As two of the iKON members will be absent until the end of next year, attention is being paid to what the remaining members will do.

3. Taeyong (NCT)



Taeyong (NCT) Taeyong

was born on July 1, 1995. He will certainly be missed as the leader of NCT and a member of several sub-units, but we have no doubts that once he returns, he will be able to jump back into the music scene!

4. S. Coups Seung Chul (SEVENTEEN)



Seungcheol (SEVENTEEN)
Seungcheol was born on August 8, 1995. As SEVENTEEN's first captain to enlist, it will be a huge adjustment for fans of the group, but at least there will be plenty of other members around during his service!

5. Jeonghan ( SEVENTEEN)



Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN) Jeonghan

was born on October 4, 1995. Like S. Coups, who will be another member of SEVENTEEN, likely to enlist in 2023, and like the group's captain, fans will have a hard time waiting for his return.

6. Shinwon (PENTAGON)



Shinwon (PENTAGON)
Shinwon was born on December 11, 1995. He will follow in the footsteps of members Jinho, Heo, and Hongseok who have already started or ended their service.

7. Hwang Minhyun Minhyun



Hwang Minhyun Minhyun Minhyun was

born on August 9, 1995. After NU'EST disbanded, although he is no longer an active member of the K-POP group, there are still many fans who will miss him!

8. Dawon (SF9)



Dawon (SF9)
Dawon was born on July 24, 1995. He's not the first SF9 member to enlist - In Sung and Young Bin are currently finishing up their service - we hope his time in the army flies by!

9. Hyuk ( VIXX)



Han Sang Hyuk (VIXX)

Hyuk was born on July 5, 1995. As VIXX's Maknae, Hyuk was the last member to start enlisting and we can only hope the group eventually returns before or after his service!

10. Seungsik (VICTON)



Seungsik (VICTON)
Seungsik was born on April 16, 1995. Seungsik has been the captain during his enlistment, but Seungsik is coming back in January, it should be easy before Seungsik enlists.




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