7 Airport Fashions of K-POP Idols

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K-POP idols always surprise fans with their signature fashion choices. Many of them are event trendsetters. But idols not only show their sense of fashion on stage, but also at the airport.

Most of the time, stars must dress stylishly because fans and media have taken a lot of photos and videos of them. However, there are also some people who seem to rush into fashion, or prefer comfortable clothes to fashionable clothes.

Because unexpected airport fashion is a punishment for betting or losing, there are also people who make people laugh.

Here are 7 airport fashions of K-POP idols that you may not know about.

7 Airport Fashions of K-POP Idols

1. NCT Dream



The case of NCT Dream is just the latest one. The boy group was originally scheduled to leave for Japan on November 21. All seven members wore neon green tracksuits with white bucket hats, white masks, and white sneakers. The matching outfit is an idea proposed by member Jeno to confuse fans. Everyone showed up at the airport wearing similar clothes, and everyone seemed to agree.

Interestingly, the NCT Dream members asked their managers to carry the bags in order to keep their identities secret. This is to remove any identifiers since members have different packages. The boys certainly brought a laugh to the fans.

2. BIGBANG G -Dragon
BIGBANG G-Dragon is always a hot topic with airport fashion. He has the title of "Fashion King" after all. While he often impresses the public with his looks, he sometimes leaves people speechless with "embarrassing" outfits.



In one example of the latter, he is seen wearing a pink muscle T-shirt and black shorts that expose his thighs. He completed the look with a black scarf and some pale yellow and black beanies. This time G-Dragon seemed to wake up late and only wore what he saw for the first time.

3. Changsub of BTOB



If you're Melody (a fan of BTOB), you probably know that Changsub used to be a hot topic for his airport fashion. Back in 2019, the K-POP idol had to wear a Tin Woodsman costume because he lost a match, and that was punishment. The fact that he created that game and punishment makes the situation even more interesting.

4. INFINITE Cheng Lie



INFINITE’s Sungyeol’s case is similar to BTOB’s Changsub. In July 2012, Cheng Lie lost a bet and had to appear at the airport wearing a bathrobe. Still, he keeps looking cool by wearing shades.

5. Super Junior Siwon



Super Junior Siwon is one of those K-POP idols who once chose comfort over style. Once, when he arrived at the airport, he was wearing only oversized pants, a plain T-shirt and slippers. Well, he looks happy as he smiles in the photo.






In addition to G-Dragon, BIGBANG member TOP also has a lot of impressive airport fashion. One of them is wearing earmuffs and sunglasses when he seems a little confused about the weather. At least his long coat makes him look more stylish.

7. Super Junior  Heechul



Headlining our list is Super Junior Heechul, who has been part of a colorful and conflicting group. He wears a T-shirt with an anime girl on it and black polka-dot pants. At the time he also had a large orange headband and a pair of colorful sneakers.


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