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Posted by NunaOppa 23/01/2022 0 Comment(s) 地道韓國 / 한국 이야기,



The culture of each country is different, and so is South Korea. With the development of globalization, exchanges between countries have increased. Today, I would like to share with you the Korean culture that Koreans also find amazing.

1. Yogurt Ajumama 아쿠르트아줌마

also had 야쿠르트아줌마 in Korea a long time ago. With economic development, I thought that this profession would disappear, but it still developed while Yogurt Ajumama. Their equipment has also become more advanced. This cart called "코코" has a 24-hour refrigeration device, a maximum speed of 8km/h, and an internal capacity of 220L. Now it sells not only yogurt, but also various refrigerated foods such as coffee and cheese. The software can also check their location.

The income of these "야쿠르트 아줌마" is not low, with an average of 6.8 hours a day and an average monthly income of 2.1 million won.




2. The calling bell on the table in the restaurant

does not know if you have had this experience. You want to call the waiter when you eat in the restaurant, but you are too embarrassed to speak loudly, so you can only wait silently for the waiter to pass by. There are too many shy people in Korea, so there are call bells on the tables of slightly larger restaurants. When ordering or adding side dishes, just press the call bell, and the clerk will find it by number.





3. Public transport transfer system

There are many subway and bus lines in South Korea, and there are basically no places that subway buses can't go to. Although the transportation fee is a bit expensive, thanks to the transfer system, as long as you have a T-money transportation card, you can enjoy discounts.

If you use a transportation card to take a bus or subway in South Korea, there is no discount if you don’t transfer, so when you take a bus in South Korea, you must swipe your card when you get off the bus. Otherwise, not only will there be no transfer discount, but additional fees will be charged.




4. The Korean-style age calculation method

is 1 year old when you are born in Korea, and then add 1 year on New Year's Day every year. If a child is born in October, South Korea will be 2 years old the following year. Many foreigners are speechless about this, and they are two years older when they arrive in Korea.

Now Koreans also find that their own methods of calculating age are different from those of other countries, so when asking the age, they will specifically confirm "Is it Korean age?".

There is no distinction between cultures, and the culture of each country is worthy of respect. Before going abroad, you can learn more about the culture of this country, so that you can quickly adapt to life abroad.







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