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Do you still remember the popular female disguise as a man in dramas such as "Coffee Prince No. 1 Shop" and "So It's a Beautiful Boy"? But in fact, in addition to women disguising as men, there are also many roles for men disguising as women. Today, let's take a look at the actors who are more beautiful than the heroines in movies and TV series.

"Feng Yi Jin Xian Da" - Yoo

Seung Ho, who has appeared in more than 40 works since his debut for 21 years, has also challenged men to dress up as women.





In the 2016 movie "Bong Yi Kim Sun Dal", Yoo Seung Ho played the legendary swindler "Bong Yi Kim Sun Dal" of the Joseon Dynasty who dressed up as a woman in order to deceive. However, Yoo Seung Ho himself was not very satisfied with the dress, and thought it was too feminine than he imagined.


But viewers were pleasantly surprised by Yoo Seung Ho's unexpected charm.




"The King's Man" - Lee Joon-

gi When talking about the role of men disguised as women, it is impossible not to mention Lee Joon-gi in "The King's Man". In 2005, beyond everyone's expectations, the number of viewers of the movie "The King's Man" exceeded 10 million, in which Lee Jun Ki played the male actor "Kong Ji".




In his first appearance, he surprised the audience with his seductive dance. The moment "Kong Ji" took off his mask to reveal the true face of Mount Lu, the audience in the movie theater let out a "ho" sound.




"The Legend of Mung Bean" - Jang Dong-yoon

If there is "The King's Man" Lee Joon-gi in the film industry, there is Jang Dong-yoon in "The Legend of Mung Bean" in the TV drama industry. In "The Legend of Mung Bean", Zhang Dongyun played the role of "Full Mung Bean" who strayed into the village and had to disguise himself as a woman.





In the posters and trailers before the broadcast, the appearance of Jang Dongyun's handsome North Korean girl made people think that an actress was chosen.




"Withdrawal Book" - Kim Min Suk

has a childlike appearance, and it is completely impossible to see that Kim Min Suk, who is 30 years old, has also challenged women's clothing. In 2018's one-act drama "Withdrawal Book", the fraudster played by Kim Min Suk dressed up as a woman in order to avoid the police chasing him.




"High Heels" -

Cha Seung Won, who has a clear face and a strong body, mainly plays some manly characters. If he also looks like a woman, do you believe it? Cha Seung-won challenged the appearance of women by playing a criminal police officer who wanted to become a transgender in the movie "High Heels" starring him. But it is a pity that the box office of the movie was terrible, and many people did not know that his acting skills were transformed.




"Hot Blood Priest" - Kim Nam Gil

In the 2019 TV series "Hot Blood Priest", Kim Nam Gil ushered in his second heyday. Kim Nam Gil, who plays a Catholic priest in the play, briefly but impressively dons a woman's clothing in order to investigate the murder while concealing his identity. Although it is a comedy-like acting, his performance is more sexy than expected, which surprises the audience.



"The Boy's Vegetable Shop" - Ji Chang-wook,

Korea's representative flower boy, Ji Chang-wook, challenged the appearance of women in a TV drama in the rookie period. This TV series is "The Boy's Vegetable Shop" broadcast in 2011. Ji Changxu plays a young man who runs his own vegetable shop. In order to sell more apples, he dresses up as Snow White.




"Come on, Waikiki 2" - Li

Yigeng, an actor who is unhindered in Li Yigeng's variety shows and TV series, has put on women's clothing several times in his famous work "Come on, Waikiki" series. Lee Yi-kyung plays "Lee Jun-ki", a joking actor. Because he likes to joke, he also dresses up as the protagonist of DC Comics "Harley Quinn".






The last one is Shinee Taemin women's clothing >_<




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