How tall are Korean artists?

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Looking at celebrities through the TV screen, sometimes it is not very accurate to judge their bodies. Some actors always look a little shorter than their actual height because of their small faces the size of a slap, and some because of their cute round faces. So when we see the same framed photo of them standing with others, we are surprised that the actor is so tall! Let's take a look at some of the unexpectedly high actors in South Korea.

Ryu Junyeol|183cm

Ryu Junyeol is a representative fashion star in the entertainment industry. Originally thought it was because of his slender and straight limbs that he became a natural clothes hanger, but the secret of his becoming a clothes hanger turned out to be his height. It is reported that Liu Junyeol's height is 183cm. Many people said that Liu Junyeol is taller than expected.





Why is this? It turns out that the actors who worked with Ryu Junyeol are all tall or well-built actors. Go Kyung-pyo and Lee Dong-hui of "Reply 1988", Cho Jin-woong of "Drug War", Song Kang-ho of "Taxi Driver", and Jo In-sung of "The King". In contrast, Ryu Junyeol, who is rather thin, looks a little small, right?




Shin Hye Sun|172~3cm

Many people will be surprised when they hear about Shin Hye Sun's height. Her height on her resume is 172cm. In an interview, Shin Hye Sun said: "It says 171~172cm on the resume, but it's actually a little taller than that."





Is it because of Shin Hye Sun's round face and kind looks? I didn't feel it when I was sitting, but when I saw the full body photo, I could really feel her tall stature. Shin Hye Sun revealed that when he was interviewed at the beginning of his debut, no one did not say "he is taller than expected". She is said to have grown tall since she was a child.




Zheng Jinghao | 184cm

A certain community once posted about Zheng Jinghao's height and asked "How tall is this actor?", which once caused a heated discussion. According to different looks, Zheng Jinghao's height will look different, but his actual height is 184cm. Recently, his group photo with "Cai Song and the Doctor" in "The Witty Doctor's Life" - the United States has caused a topic.





Although Zheng Jinghao thoughtfully cooperated with the United States and spread his legs, he was still a head taller than her. Judging from the photo with Park Hae-soo in "Witty Prison Life", Zheng Jinghao is about the same height as Park Hae-soo after his legs are split.



Kim Dami|170cm Kim Dami

with a baby face looks very immature and is one of the small actors. In Kim Da Mi's representative movie "The Witch" and the TV series "Itaewon Class", she also looks very young as a high school student.





Everyone was shocked when they learned that her height was 170cm. Looking at the photo of her standing next to a tall actor, you can really feel that she is tall. They also looked about the same height when standing next to Kwon Nara, who was wearing high heels. In fact, Kim Dami once blew herself up that she was advised to learn dancing since she was a child because of her height.



Ha Jung Woo|184cm

In terms of height, Ha Jung Woo has long caused many topics. Although he is 184cm tall, he looks rather petite. Just look at how he stands with the other male actors. He is not short at all standing next to Jiang Dongyuan, who is 186cm tall.





On the contrary, some photos look taller than Jiang Dongyuan. Standing between Zhang Jilong, who is 187cm tall, and Zhao Zhenxiong, who is 185cm tall, also show the same shoulder height. Although Ha Jung Woo's height is now widely known, he is known as a tall actor. But after hearing about his height in the early days of his debut, many fans were surprised.




Han Hyo Joo|172cm

Han Hyo Joo is 172cm tall and has straight and slender limbs. Although she looks tall, most people said they didn't know she was 172cm tall. Maybe it's because she works with tall actors, so she doesn't look tall.





For example, "Wolf" Kang Dongwon, "W Two Worlds" Lee Jong Suk, "Inner Beauty" Yoo Yeon Suk, "Only You" So Ji Sub, "Monitors" Jung Woo Sung, etc. It is said that she has been very tall since she was a student. She revealed, "I was often confessed to by college students in junior high school, and since I was a student, I was mistaken for a college student because of her tall stature and mature appearance."




Song Ji Hyo|168cm

Many viewers who watched "Running Man" said that Song Ji Hyo looked shorter than her actual height. Because of its small face, cute appearance, and slender physique, it looks very small from the picture.





After the news that Song Ji Hyo's height is 168cm spread, netizens took screenshots of other female guests who had appeared in "Running Man" and Song Ji Hyo in the same frame, and made a "Song Ji Hyo Height Real Feeling Picture". Looking at the way she and Park Bo-young are standing together, I can really feel that Song Ji-hyo is really tall.



Kim Hee-won|180cm

Kim Hee-won is the "culprit" who has caused a stir in the online community recently. A post titled "Surprisingly good proportions, suitable for entertainers in suits" appeared on the Internet, with a photo of Kim Hee-won in it. Many people expressed surprise at his unexpected hanger physique.





Maybe it's because there's barely any (handsome) full body shots of him in the movies, Kim Hee Won's height and proportions have only been a topic of conversation until recently. Kim Hee-won has appeared in the "Introduction to Ugly-Looking Friends Special" of "Infinite Challenge". Many people said: "Looking now, I really don't know why he is there." more and more.




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