9 Korean Celebrities Who Will Get Married in 2022

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In 2022, the Korean entertainment industry is not only rich in film and television creations, but also the good news announced so far is very exciting.

1. Park Shin-hye & Choi Tae -jun

, the goddess of Korean drama "Park Shin-hye" and "younger brother" Choi Tae-jun, who is one and a half years younger, not only announced the wedding date but also recognized "pregnant", and joined hands on the red carpet on the 22nd of the first month of the new year, The beautiful wedding is full of stars. Although fans and media are not allowed to enter, the brokerage company and the bride herself have released a number of romantic wedding photos, and staged the most beautiful wedding show of the goddess. (Park Shin-hye's marriage to Choi Tae-joon's "7 Dream Wedding Dresses + Hanbok Brand" is exposed!)




2. Son Ye-jin & Hyun Bin,

another couple recognized by the drama circle... "Hyun Bin (Hyun Bin)" and "Son Ye-jin (Son Ye-jin)" publicly confessed their love for more than a year, and announced their marriage on IG on February 10. , attach a sweet handwritten letter, and immediately let the "crash landing CP fans" celebrate the whole country. It is reported that the young couple will hold a private wedding in Seoul in March this year. I am looking forward to Sun Xian's wedding dress!!




3. Park So-yeon & Zhao You -min Park So-yeon, from

the Korean women's group T-ara, and soccer player Zhao You-min are about to get married in November this year, and their 9-year-old sibling love blossomed, and they were more generous in posting photos of the same frame on IG.



4. Park Jiyeon & Hwang jaegyun

Jaejun After Zhaoyan's marriage news, another member of T-ara, "Park Jiyeon", also released "marriage news" in February, and published a handwritten letter on IG and her boyfriend Hwang Jaejun, who is a current baseball player. The young couple is expected to hold a wedding this winter, making fans laugh and say: "They are all chased by the sports world~"



5. Son Dambi & Lee Kyuhyuk 

entertainment industry + sports world "Son Dambi", who was dubbed the sexy goddess of South Korea, fell in love with former speed skater Li Kuixiao in early December 2020. This is his first public relationship since his debut 15 years ago, and good news came at the speed of light this year! It was announced that the wedding will take place on May 13.




6. Park Seyoung & gwak jeong wook

are chased by bullies! Park Seyoung and gwak jeong wook held a wedding in mid-February. The young couple formed a fate because they starred in the 2012 Korean drama "School 2013" together. Unexpectedly, 10 years after the end of the drama, the ties between the two did not end, and they became a few years ago. The couple has been in a stable relationship so far, and another actor husband and wife party was born~



7. HyunA & DAWN

The "sexy little wild horse" from the Korean girl group 4minute, HyunA, quickly recognized her love with DAWN  in 2018. She has been in a public relationship for 4 years and has been in a stable relationship for more than 6 years. Finally, the good days are approaching! The young couple posted photos of their rings in February this year, announcing their "successful marriage proposal". It seems that they have a chance to get married this year~




8. Kim Eunjung & Im kwang wook

After 8 years of long-distance running, Jewelry member Kim Eunjing and composer boyfriend Lin Guangxu finally entered the hall of marriage hand in hand.
In 2008, Kim Eun Jung was selected as a JEWELRY member through the JEWELRY+1 audition, and after the group disbanded, she continued her activities as an actor.
Im kwang wook is a well-known producer and composer who has collaborated with well-known artists such as BTS, EXO, Kang Daniel, and Girls' Generation.
The two met while writing music together and later developed into lovers. When the official announcement of the marriage was announced, Kim Eun-jung said, "I have been by my side for 8 years, and I have become someone I can rely on."



9. Andy & Lee Eun-joo

Andy (Lee Xian-ho), a 41-year-old member of the popular Korean boy group "Shinhwa", also officially announced his marriage this year. He will marry his announcer girlfriend Lee Eun-joo, who is 9 years younger.
He announced the news through a handwritten letter, saying that he had someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and that the other person was "a person who made me laugh when I was in trouble and cherished me very much."
Andy's official announcement of the wedding date is also very special. It happens to be his 41st birthday, and he is celebrating his birthday again, and he has to prepare for the wedding. It can be regarded as a double happiness.




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