"10 Korean Superstitions" that foreigners will find amazing

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Posted by NunaOppa 21/02/2022 0 Comment(s) 地道韓國 / 한국 이야기,


1. "The number 4 is unlucky"

Including Korea, countries in the oriental circle influenced by Chinese characters tend to feel ominous about the number 4. Because it reminds me of the word "death". Therefore, in many elevators in Korea, it is common for the 4th floor to be marked with F or simply omitted.




2. "If you sleep with an electric fan on, you will suffocate to death"

Wikipedia calls this strange story "fan death", introducing the famous "urban story" in Korea. In fact, turning on an electric fan does not change the amount of oxygen. Because the proportion of oxygen in the air is kept constant, there will be no hypoxia or increased carbon dioxide.




3. "If you whistle at night, a ghost will appear

. " Many children in the Republic of Korea were so frightened by these words that they dared not whistle in the middle of the night.



4. "If you give shoes to your lover, you will run away."

The old saying comes from this sentence - "If you give two pairs of shoes, you will run back."




5. "If you write your name with a red pen, you will die."

When you were a child, you probably have the memory of being scolded by your parents for writing your name with a red pen. Where did this proverb come from? There are many hypotheses, the most famous story being that the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, wanted to monopolize the color red, so he forbade anyone but himself to write their names in the color red.



6. "Walking along the stone wall of Deoksugung Palace with your lover will break up."

If there is no fate, even if you don't go near Deoksugung Palace, you will break up. If it is a good fate, walking the stone wall of Deoksugung Palace once a day will also help. grow old together.




7. "Pig dream is symbolizing lucky"

reason why the pig dream is considered to be a dream symbolizing luck is because the Chinese characters for pigs and the Chinese characters for wealth are the same. In addition, pigs symbolize fertility and abundance with their exuberant fecundity and growth rate.



8. "If your boyfriend eats chicken wings, he will have an affair."

Please believe this story and don't take the fried chicken wings from your boyfriend. Wings are a very tasty part of chicken dishes.




9. "If you touch a butterfly and rub your eyes, you will lose your sight."

When you were catching butterflies with your friends, do you have any memory of feeling uneasy because of this weird talk? It's just weird talk. However, although you won't be blind, if the powder from the butterfly's wings gets into your eyes, you can have allergic reactions, itchy eyes, or skin problems, so be careful.



10. "If you jump over the child, the child will not grow taller." If you jump over the child

casually, the child may be injured. This is a saying that embodies the wisdom of our ancestors to prevent their children from getting hurt.




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