8 K-POP Idols on the 2022 TOP Face Chart

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After voting began in January this year, the questionnaire survey conducted by the entertainment media "Best Face 100" finally came to a conclusion on November 19 after about a year.
In particular, this voting was conducted to determine the 'best face of 2022 who is handsome and beautiful'.
Initially, many nominees were selected from all over the world. Later, the semi-finals continued until only the top ten remained.

8 K-POP idols occupying the chart of "TOP Face 2022"

1. BTS V



BTS won the first place in 'The Best Face of 2022' with 37.05% of the votes!

In addition to being the most handsome actor in the world this year, V proved his shining appearance and became the representative of 'K-POP' Visual works" first place. "



When V first debuted, he was always praised for his unrealistic celestial appearance.

Since then, V's appearance has been evaluated by the international media as a beautiful crystallization of youth and masculinity, and the Western sculptural appearance close to the golden ratio and the mysterious beauty of the East has been recognized by the international media.




The Thai-born K-POP idol ranked second in the overall ranking and ranked first among female artists, proving once again that he is synonymous with beauty.



In 2021, she debuted at the top of the list of "100 Most Beautiful Faces" published by TC Candler. Lisa's irresistible charm on stage and her beautiful heart off stage are deeply loved by the audience.

3. BTS Jungkook



Following BLACKPINK's Lisa, the youngest member of BTS has also climbed to the third place.



Jungkook captured the hearts of fans with a manly, passionate character, but cute and innocent at the same time.




Following Jungkook is Jennie, known for her "dual nature".



Jennie's cat-like appearance exudes a distinctly sexy and intense aura. But, when you get to know her better, you realize that the singer has a lot to say about her coquettishness and makes those around her smile.




Jisoo, the main visual image of BLACKPINK, not only entered the 5th place, but also entered the ranking. Jisoo's beauty is flawless, clear, refreshing, innocent, but she can also kill sexy and strong concepts.



Apart from good looks, Jisoo is also loved for his inner beauty - kindness and genuine smile.

6. ASTRO  Cha Eunwoo



Of course, the catalog would not be complete without Korean 'face geniuses' who are soaring in popularity not only among K-POP fans, but also in the K-Drama and K-Fashion industries for their outstanding looks.



His visual effects are also often compared to CG for how flawless it is.




In addition, Jin, another member of BTS, has completed the ranking of the "Visual Bermuda Triangle" since episode 9.



Previously, Jin was also selected as the most handsome K-POL idol by Japanese men and women, proving his amazing appearance.

8. NCT Dream Jeno



In the end, Jeno ranked 10th. Although he is young, Jeno's masculinity is not only in the sculptural face, but also became a topic among fans.



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