IVE Jang Won Young Criticized for Claiming Not to Applaud IU

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Posted by NunaOppa 29/11/2022 0 Comment(s) 地道韓國 / 한국 이야기,


IVE Jang Won Young was criticized for claiming that he did not applaud IU. But the fact is this.

In a Korean online community, K-Netz criticized: "Jang Won Young didn't have a GIF of applauding IU", and the two female idol fans revealed the truth behind the image through SNS.



IVE Zhang Yuanying refused to applaud IU? The following is what actually happened.
On November 27, a post featuring IU and IVE Jang Won-young became a hot topic on the online community Pann Nate.

In particular, a certain writer wrote an article titled "Does Jang Won-young hate IU?" and caused controversy. The content of this post is a GIF of IU giving a speech through a pre-recorded video and fourth-generation groups such as TXT, New Jeans, and IVE, watching and applauding.



"She insisted on not applauding until the end. But IU is her senior, she is quite sophisticated. Could it be because IU didn't respond when Zhang Yuanying

sang IU's song?"

About 500 comments.

There is no doubt that Jang Won-young gave a negative evaluation of his actions and criticized the idol's attitude.

"So, if you're not the main character, you don't react at all."
"She doesn't seem to pay attention, it's so disrespectful."
"I feel that Zhang Yuanying won't stick with that character."
More and more netizens Comparing Jang Won-young to entertainers such as IU, accusing her of having "entertainer disease" "

Fortunately, fans of the "Eleven" singer refuted the claim that Won-young did not applaud IU in order to support the idol.



DIVEs (IVE fan club) provided a longer version of the GIF uploaded by the OP, pointing out that Wonyoung actually applauded the "Strawberry Moon" singer, but at least put her hands down 2 seconds before the other idols.





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