Singer Yoon Ji-sung will come back with new song at this december

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Posted by NunaOppa 22/11/2022 0 Comment(s) 地道韓國 / 한국 이야기,


Singer Yoon Ji Sung returns to the music scene with a warm new song.

Yoon Ji Sung will release a winter single on December 5th. The first stage of the new song will be released for the first time at the online and offline fan concert on December 24.



The third mini-album 'Miro' was released this spring, and he was active with the title song 'Bloom', and Yoon Ji-sung, who is called 'Spring Baby', is drawing attention to what kind of music he will play in winter. Looking forward to Yoon Ji-sung's unique warm tone, it will make the winter of fans warmer.



Yoon Ji-sung released his third mini-album 'Miroh' this year and held various activities including his first solo concert 'Miroh: Prologue'. He has appeared in various variety shows such as "Household Partner", "My Otaku", "Fashion Beauty Season 4", and has been loved by many people.



Yoon Ji Sung, who is expected to return to the public as a solo singer at the end of the year, will perform. Yoon Ji Sung will also reveal various teasing contents before the release of the new song.



Yoon Ji Sung's winter single will be released on various online music sites at 6 pm on December 5th. Next, at 3 pm and 7 pm on December 24, "2022 Yoon Ji-sung Fan Concert-December 24: Lucid Dream" will be held online and offline at the Naksan Hall of Seoul National University.



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